Baboon Youth Team


*If you are not able to attend to the event at Desert Rock Indoor Climbing Gym, you can still donate to help the youth team of both Baboon's and Desert Rock's!*

Help The Youth Team

Ethan Jimeno

Ethan is 15 years old. He got into climbing when he watched Valley Uprising on Netflix. Then in late 2016/ early 2017, he started climbing. He competes in local competition, but really strives to be a great outdoor climber. He loves climbing because of the community, friends, and the great support he gets. He finds himself successful when he’s having a good time while improving.

He’s older brother climbs too. His brother inspires Ethan, and takes him to different gyms to train and to get better.

Ethan is in high school and doing his best, with a GPA of 3.4. He plans to join the marines after high school and help out in anyway he can.

BONUS: He claims to not have any special talent but can burp really loud after a good meal.

Teá is 16 years old. Her goals for climbing is to understand how to utilize her flexibility and hypermobility to climb proficiently on the wall. She found out she likes climbing when her family goes on hikes or trip, and Teá will start to climb everything. Her love of climbing kept her motivated. Now, she’s in the top 20 in Female Youth A category in local and is qualified for regionals. She currently climbs V4 - V6 range.

She also likes to hike. Hiking and climbing has given her a chance to clear her mind. She may have time expressing herself, but climbing gave her an outlet. Teá finds success when she is able to be proud at what she is doing.

Currently in high school with a GPA of 4.3 and is striving to get it back up to 4.7. Wants to major in biology, and is also looking into a career in astrophysics or forensic science.

BONUS: She’s double-jointed everywhere! She can say the ABC's backwards fast and is decent at drawing.

Teá Ruiz

Blake Spreeman

Blake is 17 years old. She is the top three in Female Junior category in USA Climbing local and is qualified for regionals. She hopes to go to nationals and she is well on her way. Her climbing goals to do her best and finish any boulder problem she comes across.

Blake is aspiring to be a marine biologist. She’s in high school with a GPA of 4.66. She loves learning and is keen towards science and marine biology.