Help your child reach the next level! Climbing is becoming the next big, global sport. It is already in ESPN and recognized for national and world championships. Now, it is part of the Olympic sports.

Our climbing youth team is an after-school program that aims to train the next generation. We offer two programs for your kid(s) to enjoy this amazing sport that sharpens the mind and body: Youth Recreation Team and Youth Competitive Team. The Rec Teams are available for those that simply want to enjoy the many benefits of climbing and the Comp Team for those that are motivated to train as athletes. Both programs accept kids ages 6 and up, but we can accept 5 year olds at Head Coach’s discretion.

Anyone signing up for the Youth Team must view the policies here.

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Youth Recreational Team

Baboon’s Youth Recreational Team (YRT) instills rock climbing foundations and basic techniques. The purpose of this team is to help climbers develop a love for the sport while teaching them to be well rounded. This team also provides a great opportunity to climb with other young climbers in a social, relaxed environment.

Baboon Youth Team being Supportive

Youth Competitive Team

Baboon’s Youth Comp Team (YCT) focuses on competing at either local competition, USA Climbing comps, or both. The YCT builds on the rigorous training to get our young athletes to compete and/or complete outdoor climb projects. Our team members represent Baboon Outdoors in local, regional & national climbing competitions and represent themselves. Baboon Outdoors also host competition and the competitive team will have discounted rates to participate.

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Family Plan

We have a family plan to make it easier for the whole family. It’s a base rate of the program the first child is in, and then 40% off of the base rate for each additional child.

Please contact to schedule a free try-out, or for more information.


Donate any amount to help the Youth Comp Team. Registration to comps, travel, lodging, etc is expensive and if we can help these kids in anyway, it'll be awesome!