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Closer look into the PCT Segment/Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog

Silver Moccasin Trail-MYLF-BaboonOutdoors.JPG

Silver Moccasin Trail and Pacific Crest Trail are amazing Thru-Hike Trails to experience. Unfortunately, an endangered species exist there, and hiking/trail running through here can have a negative impact on them.

Potential Project to Re-Open Williamson Rock & PCT Section

Working on a collaborative project to re-open the classic sport, rock climbing crag - Williamson Rock.

Hike to help-may 7th was a success

Charity Hike to Support O.U.R. to Rescue Children from Sex Trafficking



One of our biggest group yet! We are so thankful to Give Into Nature on putting this event together. Our energy was up and so was our motivation.