Our climbing community includes boulder, sport, trad, and ice. Whatever our preference may be, we all love going vertical.

Closer look into Williamson Rock's Climbing History/Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs

Photo from  Access Fund

Photo from Access Fund

William Rock has a lot of climbing history and culture. Unfortunately, an endangered species exist there, and climbing is negatively impacting them.


Potential Project to Re-Open Williamson Rock & PCT Section

Working on a collaborative project to re-open the classic sport, rock climbing crag - Williamson Rock.

Climb And Clean at Pirate's Cove!

Just after an hour of cleaning the beach

Pirates Cove is an iconic place with so much climbing and history in just one small spot at the beach. We want to honor our climbing forefathers and the place that highball bouldering first came to fruition.

In Through The Outdoor (V3+)

Alan Ortega doing the original beta (short person beta)

Alan Ortega doing the original beta (short person beta)

We created a new problem in Joshua Tree! It's called "In Through The Outdoor." It's a fun V3+ problem at False Hueco Boulder.

Fred Becky is more than just a climber

Beckey in 2013.         Photo: Dirtbag Movie

Beckey in 2013.         Photo: Dirtbag Movie

Daniel Person, from the Outside, does a great job understanding Fred Beckey. You can check out his article to learn more about who Fred Beckey really is.

“His climbing guides include deep research into the history of the mountains he’s climbing; he’s also published a memoir and a comprehensive history of human exploration of the Cascade Mountains”
— Person

The Legend of Fred Beckey


Fred Beckey

Fred Beckey - a legend in the climbing community. An original American dirtbag, mountaineer, and many more.

Climb to Help

Climb to Help; O.U.R.

Thank you so much to Maria and Hangar 18 in Riverside on helping us raise funds for O.U.R. The members in this gym were so open to learning about Operation Underground Railroad and the work we have been doing to fund their missions. We are super excited to have some of the members join us on our next hike on August 27 up Ice House Saddle!